Humboldt Forum
© Chamber Ensemble of the New Budapest Orpheum Society © Danny Howard
Chamber Ensemble of the New Budapest Orpheum Society

May 15, 2018, 7:00 PM

Prelude Concert to the symposium

"And They are Blossoming From Their Ruins" – Jewish Songs on Stage in the 20th Century

@ Piano Salon Christophori

Free admission, registration required

in German and English

A kick-off concert for the Symposium "Captured Sounds – Collecting, Storing, Sharing" from the Chamber Ensemble of the New Budapest Orpheum Society.

Tones, sounds and music have an exceptional ability to connect people across the globe. They generate a deep and immediate understanding for other cultures and eras that transcends borders. Different musical genres and styles enhance and inspire each other, then disappear and are rediscovered. The Chamber Ensemble of the New Budapest Orpheum Society revives Yiddish and Eastern European folk music from the interwar period. The Grammy-nominated musicians from the University of Chicago have an extensive repertoire of music from the Jewish cabaret tradition – a genre which was once widespread and flourishing.

Experience this musical launch of the symposium Captured Sounds – Collecting, Storing, Sharing with a very special orchestra in a unique atmosphere! The ensemble will be playing songs by Darius Milhaud, Bertolt Brecht settings by Hanns Eisler and Paul Dessau, film music by Friedrich Holländer and Viktor Ullmann’s melodrama, which was written in the Theresienstadt concentration camp. The performance will be held at Pianosalon Christophori, where concert grand pianos of historical significance were once collected and repaired.


How can sound archives best be presented to a global public? An international panel of experts from museums,academia, and the art world will develop new, interdisciplinary perspectives on some of the most important non- European collections.

You can find more information here.


Please register by 10 May 2018 if you wish to attend. Due to limited seating capacity, we can only guarantee you a seat if you pick up your tickets on the day of the event by 6:45 pm. A limited number of tickets will be available at the ticket office from 6:45 pm for those who decide to attend at short notice.

Phil and Christine Wilkie Bohlman. Photo: © John P. Bohlman
 Ilya Levinson Photo: © Jacinto Ariza
Julia Bentley  Foto: © Julia Bentley
"Berjoskele", yiddish song set in Theresienstadt concentration camp, in the original polish version.

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