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February 24, 2016 - December 30, 2020

Whether the focus is on the monastery, the Berlin Palace, the parade ground, the Palace of the Republic or the cultural building site – the SITE-Specifics events programme highlights particular aspects of the site history.

Over the last 800 years the Schlossplatz has witnessed more social, urban, political and cultural developments than virtually any other location in Berlin. Since 2016, the SITE-Specifics series has been providing an opportunity to discuss and exchange views on the role of this politically important venue.

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Portal IV of the Berlin Palace
November 4, 2018

History of the Site

ORTS-Termin: The Myth of Revolution. Karl Liebknecht, the Berlin Palace and the 9 November 1918

Reading performance and presentation of the new release "Myth of Revolution" with the authors Dominik Juhnke, Judith Prokasky and Martin Sabrow.

© SHF / Rolf Schulten
June 9, 2018

History of the Site

SITE-specifics: Beer, Burgers and Baroque. Book launch and discussion

Presentation of the photo book „Barock in Arbeit – Die Kunst der Rekonstruktion und das neue Berliner Schloss“ at the Schlossbauhütte in Spandau.

German Revolution of 1918–19
April 15, 2018

History of the Site

SITE-Specifics: The Berlin Palace – A Grand Backdrop for Politics and Propaganda

A film matinée with footage of the Berlin Palace from 1909 to 1950

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November 5, 2017

History of the Site

SITE-Specifics: The Discreet Charm of Utopia – the Palace of the Republic 2004–2005

"Speed dating" event with organizers and artists who were involved in the interim cultural events held in the Palace of the Republic from 2004 to 2005

The apartment of Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm (IV) in the Berlin palace
May 3, 2017

History of the Site

Site-Specifics: Schinkel’s Interiors – Exotic Imaginings

Book presentation and tour of the construction site on Friedrich Wilhelm IV’s apartment in the Berlin Palace with architect Fabian Hegholz

Pulling down the Kaiser Wilhelm National Memorial, 1950
April 2, 2017

History of the Site

Site-Specifics: From Royal Palace to People’s Palace

Jeanpaul Goergen takes us on a trip back in time with rare film footage that shows how the Berlin Palace and its surroundings looked like prior to its demolition in 1950

Portal IV of the Berlin Palace
January 23, 2017

History of the Site

SITE-Specifics: How Original is the Original?

"How reconstructed is the reconstruction? Portal IV in the Berlin Palace" – art historian Bernd Lindemann explains the special features of the entranceway which has become known as the Liebknecht Portal

Excavations on the Palace Square
November 16, 2016

History of the Site

SITE-Specifics: "The Berlin Palace. History and Archaeology"

Michael Malliaris and Matthias Wemhoff read from their 2016 book. An event hosted by the Site Museum (now History of the Site)of the Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss