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05/11/2018: A Drua from the South Pacific. In Fiji a double-hulled sailing boat is being built for the junior areas

29/10/2018: Discussion #2: Elephant, Bee & Gorilla

23/10/2018: Humboldt Forum Highlights. Heralding the Future Collections in the Humboldt Forum

14/10/2018: Hundreds of children have conquered the Humboldt Forum

28/09/2018: Discussion #1: Processions – Pilgrims – Parades. Discussions about Gods and People in Motion

26/08/2018: Great enthusiasm for the Humboldt Forum in Berlin Palace
Press photographs: The last Open Days of the Construction Site
Press photographs: Long Night of Museums 2018

17/08/2018: A Tea House for the Humboldt Forum. Winning competition entry by URA Architects from Kanazawa to be realized

16/08/2018: Which Future?! – Let Them Eat Money. Premiere by Andres Veiel in collaboration with Jutta Doberstein

15/08/2018: Kunst-am-Bau competition for the Humboldt Forum has been concluded

09/08/2018: Restaurants and Cafés in the Berlin Palace – Humboldt Forum

01/08/2018: Humboldt³. A discussion with Daniel Kehlmann, Andrea Wulf and Rüdiger Schaper. Moderated by Denis Scheck

20/07/2018: Exhibition: It’s Our Construction Site Too! 176 Children Take over the Humboldt Forum

16/07/2018: Setan Jawa – The javanese devil. Silent film with live orchestral music

30/07/2018: Not Your World Music: Noise in South East Asia. Workshop discussion, book presentation and concert accompanying the exhibition [sound] Listening to the World and the mikromusik festival

20/06/2018: [From Mouth to Ear] Two sound workshops during the summer holidays to accompany the exhibition [sound] Listening to the World

06/06/2018: Music between Empires and Nations – In Search of Hasan Ferid Alnar. Concert accompanying [sound] Listening to the World__

29/05/2018: South Sea boat floats into the Humboldt Forum
Press photographs

25/05/2018: Preserving Languages. Panel discussion and concert, part of the programme accompanying [sound] Listening to the World on 8 June 2018

24/05/2018: Path of Awareness. Soundwalks on the 2018 Long Night of Ideas on 1 June

15/05/2018: Hartmut Dorgerloh named General Director of the Humboldt Forum

09/05/2018: SITE-Specifics: Beer, Burgers and Baroque. Book launch and discussion on 9 June 2018

30/04/2018: Insights – Sound as an object in the Humboldt Forum. Curators and international Experts in conversation

25/04/2018: [Small Talks] Linguistics meet Poetry Slam. An educational series accompanying the exhibition "[sound] Listening to the World"

24/04/2018: Gorch Pieken appointed chief curator of the Humboldt-Universität laboratory in the Humboldt Forum

23/04/2018: Der nächste Staat? – Rethinking State A symposium devoted to visions of the future at the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin

13/04/2018: Captured Sounds – Collecting, Storing, Sharing . Public symposium accompanying the exhibition [sound] Listening to the World

04/04/2018: World famous and broke – Alexander von Humboldt and Berlin

28/03/2018: Autism. The Asil Ensemble for Arab Contemporary Classical Music. A concert accompanying the exhibition [sound] Listening to the World

26/03/2018: SITE-Specifics: The Berlin Palace – A Grand Backdrop for Politics and Propaganda

22/03/2018: Opening and launch

21/03/2018: Hartmut Dorgerloh Put Forward as New General Director of the Humboldt Forum

20/03/2018: Which future?! Der nächste Staat – Rethinking State. Symposium and Workshops
The symposium's programme

19/03/2018: Lars-Christian Koch to become director of collections for the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin at the Humboldt Forum

09/03/2018: The second Kunst-am-Bau competition for the Humboldt Forum has been decided

28/01/2018: Third Conference of the International Experts

15/01/2018: Update on the Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss – News from the building site and preparations for cultural operations


19/12/2017: [sound] Listening to the World – Exhibition and Events

13/12/2017: The first Kunst-am-Bau competition for the Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss has been decided

13/12/2017: Budding Directors: Childhood in the Amazon. Premiere of short films and discussion

05/12/2017: Family workshop with the artist Jia. Mini-Shop on the second Sunday in Advent: making gifts together

22/11/2017: Science in motion. The Humboldt Universität zu Berlins Humboldt Labor in the Humboldt Forum

03/11/2017: Between protection and control – children’s wishes and parents’ worries. A multifaceted educational programme accompanying the exhibition Watch Out: Children!

26/10/2017: The Milieu of the Dead, Part 2 – Absences: The Afterlife of Slavery and the Gaps in the Archive – Performances and film series

23/10/2017: The Humboldt-Labor: Science in Action – An invitation to attend an introduction to the Humboldt-Universität project on 22 November 2017

12/10/2017: SITE-Specifics. The Discreet Charm of Utopia – the Palace of the Republic 2004 – 2005

26/09/2017: In the Hands of the Gods – Mother and child in ancient Greece

05/09/2017: Protection through Education? A conversation about Wilhelm von Humboldt’s educational ideal in a digital era

18/08/2017: Statement

17/08/2017: Country Without Parents. A discussion about divided families, labour migration as an international phenomenon and the power of photography

07/08/2017 Long Night of the Museums. Two exhibitions provide an introduction to the Humboldt Forum

03/08/2017 Pop-Up Cinema – Part Four. Next screenings in Zehlendorf, Tempelhof, Tegel and Mitte

21/07/2017 Pop-Up Cinema – Part Three. Next screenings in Marzahn, Wedding, Steglitz and Friedrichshagen

14/07/2017: Which Future?! by Andres Veiel and Jutta Doberstein

06/05/2017: Exhibition “Watch Out: Children! Protected. Loved. Threatened.”

27/04/2017 Interconnecting Cultures. Conference of the Humboldt Forum’s international experts

24/04/2017: "Views on Nature". A series of readings at the IGA Berlin