Humboldt Forum
© SHF / David von Becker

The Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss

The Humboldt Forum opens in September 2020 as a unique place of experience, learning and encounter in the heart of Berlin. The Humboldt Forum’s daily programme of events provides some very unexpected approaches to the collections and temporary exhibitions as well as the history of the site itself. They address topical issues, prompt inspiring encounters and open the way for animated exchange.

In an area covering more than 30,000 square metres, you can experience world-famous collections featuring more than 20,000 exhibits from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Bringing together contemporary research and science with Berlin’s history and a wide array of exhibitions and accompanying events, the Humboldt Forum is a dynamic location that inspires new insights into the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Humboldt Forum is named after and inspired by Alexander and Wilhelm von Humboldt – inspired too by their enthusiasm for exploring the world with open eyes and understanding it as a complex interwoven system of nature and culture.

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More than a Museum

Interactive exhibition tours, workshops, film nights, discussion panels, concerts ... every day the Humboldt Forum will offer surprising perspectives on the collections and special exhibitions as well as on the history of the location. The events will concern topical issues and encourage exciting encounters and lively discussions. Come and join in!

The Luf boat

Discover the world in objects

The renowned collections of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiastische Kunst (both run by the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) provide a unique opportunity for you to meet the cultures of the world in the Humboldt Forum. Together with the extraordinary collections of art and culture on Museum Island, the archaeological, ethnological and art-historical objects offer comprehensive insights into the world’s art and cultures, spanning both epochs and continents. Experience the Humboldt Forum as a dynamic site of encounter and exchange through modular exhibition units, spatial installations and temporary exhibitions.

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Coat rack

Traces of history

Over the last 800 years the Schlossplatz has probably witnessed more social, urban, political and cultural developments than any other location in Berlin. The Humboldt Forum showcases a broad array of objects that invite you to explore this eventful history. Join in the treasure hunt through the sculpture gallery or in the palace cellar, which has been preserved in its original condition – and discover traces of the site’s history throughout the Humboldt Forum!

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The world in Berlin, Berlin in the world

For centuries, Berlin’s many lives and faces have linked it with the wider world. The Berlin exhibition in the Humboldt Forum will let you experience these global connections from an array of perspectives. In these inspiring and atmospheric installations you can discover the world in Berlin and Berlin in the world, incorporating aspects as diverse as revolutions, migration, war, borders, free spaces, fashion and pleasure!

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Orobates Pabsti

Relevant – Critical – Making connections

The Humboldt-Universität has its own laboratory in the Forum, inviting you to participate first hand in scientific research. Real and virtual exhibitions and workspaces will allow you to engage in investigative and cognitive processes in an experimental and playful way. Exhibitions, talks, experiments and discussions are just some of the many formats inviting you to witness and participate in research as it happens.

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East- and North facade, August 2018. Photo: © SHF / Stephan Falk

Baroque and contemporary architecture

From the eighteenth century onward, the Berlin Palace designed by architect and sculptor Andreas Schlüter was regarded as one of the most important secular Baroque buildings north of the Alps. In its reinvention by Italian architect Franco Stella this historical beauty has been elegantly fused with the present – in its design, technology and wider role within the city. The reconstruction of the historical facades for the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace is a masterly achievement by the sculptors and craftsmen working in the specially created Palace Workshop.