Humboldt Forum
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Questions upon questions

History of the Site – Projects

Workshops, interviews and long-term projects provide a broader perspective on the site of the Humboldt Forum. Even before the opening in late 2019, they invite people to engage closely with the site’s highly diverse history.

Interviews with Witnesses

The voices and viewpoints of contemporary witnesses are important sources for chronicling history. The Site History department is setting up an eyewitness film archive which will collect subjective impressions of Berlin’s central Mitte district, then preserve them for posterity and make them available to the general public. To this end we are interviewing people who have some sort of link to the site, whether in the form of the Berlin Palace, Marx-Engels-Platz, the Palace of the Republic or the present-day Humboldt Forum.

“Humboldt von Forum” – Children Experiment

Did Humboldt live in the Palace? And what is a forum, anyway? In 2017, two junior schools went on a hunt for traces of the past as part of the project “Humboldt von Forum” – Children Experiment. The result was a short film about the creation of the Humboldt Forum, as well as the two project books Skulpturen erzählen Geschichten (Sculptures Tell Stories) and ReporterInnen stellen Fragen (Reporters Ask Questions) and the exhibition It’s Our Building Site Too! 176 Children Take Over the Humboldt Forum.

Currently all publications have been published in German only.

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