Humboldt Forum
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Publications of history of the site

Our illustrated books, documentary materials, essays and exhibition guides are devoted to central aspects of the site history, illuminating current issues and debates and providing an overview of exhibitions on the history of the site in the Humboldt Forum.

History of the Site: Exhibition Guide

Edited by Judith Prokasky (publishing date: December 2019)

Learn how Berlin’s exciting new cultural center presents its multifaceted 700-year history.

Monastery, royal palace, museum, parade ground, Palace of the Republic, archeological site, and cultural building – a lot has happened on this spot, in the middle of Berlin, on which the Humboldt Forum is located today. Where initially only a civil borough stood, since 1443 sovereigns and politicians have built, rebuilt, and demolished this site in order to bring their political vision into view. As a consequence, this building site has been the subject of contentious debates and disputes for centuries, and into the present. Because of this, the “history of the site” plays a central role for the Humboldt Forum. This checkered history will be examined in multiple exhibition spaces spread throughout the entire building, including the originally preserved palace cellar. There will be numerous authentic exhibits from various eras and lavish multimedia installations. By using selected objects, diverse themes and an innovative design, the exhibition guide provides an excellent companion to this central memorial site of German history.

192 pages with 175 color illustrations, paperback.

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