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Discover the Humboldt Forum in the summer holidays with a diverse programme. The Humboldt Forum offers guided tours for families as well as various drop-ins for children of 3 years and over, and holiday workshops for young people of 12 years and over, in the exhibitions and throughout the building. As part of the Summer Open Airs, the Story Theatre will take place every Saturday in the Schlüter Courtyard from 28 July on. The admission is free. It brings together stories, myths and motifs for children of 4 years and over. Kurdish, Spanish, Swabian, Italian, Arabic, Sign Language, Norwegian and German. A story can be told in any language. By telling stories in tandem, two languages become one tale. It doesn’t matter if you only speak one language or have only ever heard the second language in passing. Each story will be told in German and one other language.

With the holiday workshops “Augmented Reality Expedition” and “Songlines – Paths through Berlin” two additional offers in English can be booked for young people of 12 years and over – secure your place now!




Holiday Programme


  • Empfehlung zum Tragen einer Maske

    Besucher*innen ab 6 Jahren wird empfohlen, in allen Innenräumen des Humboldt Forums eine FFP2- oder medizinische Gesichtsmaske zu tragen. Sofern nicht anders vermerkt, gilt dies auch für Führungen und Veranstaltungen. Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit und der Sicherheit Ihrer Kinder empfehlen wir vor dem Besuch des Humboldt Forums für alle Altersgruppen die Durchführung eines Antigen-Schnelltests.