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How do we live with death? What is a good death? What will remain of us? With these questions and an audiovisual prologue about the role of Homo Sapiens in the universe, you embark on a tour of the exhibition. The special thing about it is that it is staged as a multimedia experience in five acts, dispenses with objects and exhibition texts and makes the topic a multimedia and interactive experience through installations and spatial experiences. Voices of different faith communities talk about their ideas of the afterlife. You will be part of a video conference with people from twelve countries who have accompanied other people to death as companions. An audio-light narration lets you experience the processes in the brain from a scientific-medical perspective. You will gain insight into transcultural thanatopractices and into an Islamic corpse washing. And you will encounter the questions: How (in)equal are living and dying conditions worldwide? How much is a human life worth to us? And is the current extinction of species threatening the self-extinction of our species?

The interactive tour provides time and space for discussion. The tour will place the phenomenon of death within the evolutionary context of life.

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in_finite. Living with Death
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