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January 15, 2019

Construction works hit the home stretch

by Bernhard Wolter

Our aim is for construction works to finish this year. While this is an ambitious target given the current state of the ground floor of the main stairwell, it is achievable nonetheless, as can be seen by a look at the upper floors, where we are already setting up the display cases for the exhibitions. Things always get a little hectic towards the end of any large-scale construction project.

Together with our experienced colleagues from Franco Stella’s architectural team, the Büro HSA Hilmer Sattler Albrecht, and above all the construction management expertise of the bmp Baumanagement Berlin GmbH, we will be able to open a representative part of the Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss to an appreciative audience at the end of the year.

Last summer we already set up the Schlüterhof for a test run in order to stage a concert by the Berliner Philharmoniker which raised a further half a million euros in donations. Now this courtyard looks like a construction site once again: the balustrades for the gallery walkways are still missing, as are parts of the wall plastering and, most importantly, the paving for the square. The plastering is still to be done on the reconstructed interior portals two and four, which is why they are still surrounded by scaffolding.


A large scaffolding has also been re-erected in the Humboldt Foyer, the impressive entrance hall behind the Eosander Portal on the west side of the building, where we are setting up the spectacular cosmograph: a huge multimedia LED screen, which, in addition to the Eosander Portal itself, is sure to become a real eye catcher here.

Finally we should not forget that the dome is still due to be covered with copper. It will then be topped by the so-called lantern, a cast-iron baldachin supported by angels. This in turn will be surmounted by a four-metre high cross, bringing the total height to 70 metres. The placement of the cross will mark the successful completion of the reconstruction of the facade of the Berliner Schloss. This final act is scheduled for the end of May or the beginning of June.

The interior of the dome

Bernhard Wolter studied German language and literature, politics and architecture and has devoted his career to building and architecture communication. After initially working in the Berlin housing sector, he joined the Bundesbaugesellschaft Berlin mbH in the 1990s. After a transitional period at the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning, he transferred to the Stiftung Humbolt Forum in 2009 and has been involved in the organisation from the start. Bernhard Wolter is head of the Press and Public Relations Office.

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