Safety Guidelines

Together against Corona – still!

As the Corona pandemic is not yet over, we have listed some recommendations for your protection on this page.
Stay healthy!

  • Recommendation to wear a mask

    Visitors aged 6 and over are recommended to wear an FFP2 or medical face mask in all interior rooms of the Humboldt Forum. Unless otherwise stated, this also applies to guided tours and events. For your own safety and the safety of your children, we recommend that all age groups take a rapid antigen test before visiting the Humboldt Forum.

  • Do you feel ill?

    If you have cold symptoms or feel ill, please refrain from visiting.

  • Last-minute changes

    Please note that the measures may change at short notice depending on the current hygiene regulations.

  • Social distancing

    Please maintain a distance of at least 1.5m from other visitors, both within the building and in the outdoor areas.

  • Hand washing and sanitiser

    Please wash your hands regularly. Hand sanitiser dispensers can be found throughout the Humboldt Forum. Please do not use your own hand sanitiser in the exhibition areas, as these products may cause damage to the exhibits.

  • Contactless payment

    When making payments on-site, please use a contactless card, or smartphone payment.

  • Etiquette

    Please protect others: if you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow.

  • Using interactive exhibits

    For our hands-on exhibits and listening stations, we will give out conductive gloves, headphone covers and any other necessary equipment, either from the counters at the exhibition entrances, in the exhibitions themselves, or in advance in the cloakroom.

  • Contact tracing

    The Humboldt Forum uses the Corona Warn app to document attendance. We strongly recommend that all visitors use the opportunity to register via the QR code.