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Playing with cars, building things, singing, laughing, learning – this is part of everyday life for many children in Berlin. But what about collecting firewood, catching fish or weaving baskets? Children from Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, Venezuela and Peru have learnt how to make films in workshops and portrayed their everyday lives with a professional camera. They show us how food is made, how games are played and how local traditions and craftsmanship are practised in their home towns.

These films can be seen on one weekend per month at the Humboldt Forum – in a children’s cinema experience that provides insights into diverse ways of life. We show three to five short films each month with a thematic focus: crafting and building, environment and nature, making food and building fires.

A host will guide the children through the afternoon. The films are exciting for children aged 6 and over – and their siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends.

We show the films in German dubbing. Some of the films can also be seen in the exhibitions.


The Hosts

These partners have realised the films

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