New Urban Spaces

The Humboldt Forum creates new urban spaces in and around itself

Between the Brandenburger Tor and Alexanderplatz, in close proximity to the Museumsinsel, Humboldt-Universität and the Berliner Dom: the Humboldt Forum closes a gap in the historical and cultural heart of Berlin.

The Humboldt Forum in the historic center of Berlin.
© bpk / Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, ART+COM

Lustgarten Terraces

The southern Lustgarten area will be dominated by a large square leading onto the street as well as the contemporary interpretations of the Palace Terraces adjoining the Humboldt Forum facade.

Spree Balcony

The public space in front of the eastern facade of the Humboldt Forum is divided into two sections: the upper level, known as the Spree Balcony, which connects to the ground floor of the Humboldt Forum, and the Spree Terraces below, situated just above the waterline, which provide an inviting setting for visitors to relax.


Named after its architect Andreas Schlüter, the Schlüterhof is the central square of the Humboldt Forum. The architecture of its new West Wing is just as indebted to the motif of the theatre piazza as its three reconstructed wings. It will be used in the future as a venue for a wide range of events and will be accessible to the public around the clock.


The Passage runs straight through the building, linking up the Lustgarten with the Schlossplatz. Here, the new and the old, the colonnaded pathway and the triumphal portal, combine to recreate the atmosphere of the public squares of ancient history, such as the Greek agora or Roman forum. They were the templates on which the ideal Renaissance piazza was modeled and also served as an example for the Humboldt Forum’s architect Franco Stella.

The Gate of Sanchi

Since December 2022, the copy of an ancient Indian gateway enriches the outdoor space on the Lustgarten side of the Humboldt Forum: on a 1 : 1 scale, it shows the famous East Gate of the Great Stupa of Sanchi. In India, the gate belongs to one of the oldest and most important preserved Buddhist sanctuaries and is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The copy sets a counterpoint to the reconstructed baroque facades and makes visible from the outside, what the Humboldt Forum stands for: the diversity of the world in the centre of Berlin. For more information about the Sanchi Gate


The imposing foyer, a juxtaposition of the reconstructed historical Eosander Gate with modern galleries, serves as the point of departure for a barrier-free tour through all levels of the building. Two large special exhibition areas directly adjoin the foyer, while two function rooms equipped with modern technology offer space for events and conferences – ranging from discussions to performances, concerts and congresses.

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