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What is it like for a woman⁺ to have no home? What developments are leading to more and more Berliners being threatened with homelessness? And what can help against displacement?

Poverty and homelessness are omnipresent in Berlin and yet the people affected are often overlooked and marginalised. At the same time, rising rents and housing shortages are affecting more and more Berliners.

Susanne, a native Berliner and city guide at querstadtein e.V., is one of the participants in the open space “Here and Now. Women⁺ Experiencing Homelessness in Berlin”. In this guided tour through BERLIN GLOBAL, she gives an insight into these topics.

The tour is guided in German.

The tandem guided tour is an accompanying event of the Open Space project “Here and Now. Women⁺ Experiencing Homelessness in Berlin

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