Online forum netiquette

As a venue for exchange and open to all, the Humboldt Forum aims to stimulate discussion about existential questions that people have asked themselves at all times and in all cultures.

Alongside our social media channels, our online forum also provides a space for this discussion, and we would like to inspire you to share your ideas, your stories and your opinions with us. In order to ensure that this exchange is a positive experience for all involved, we would ask you to observe the following rules.

Protect your privacy

Please do not share any private information – either about yourself or third parties – in your comments. We will not publish posts containing sensitive information about yourself or others – address, email address, phone number etc.

Stay on topic

We welcome discussions of any kind – provided they are held in the right place. Please only post comments on the topics and posts in the forum. Posts with no relevance to the subject currently under discussion will not be published.

Everyone expresses their own opinions

Opinions expressed by participants in the online forum are not necessarily those of the Humboldt Forum. Likewise, the opinions of our employees and partners do not necessarily represent the views of the Humboldt Forum.

Respect other points of view

Please avoid making spiteful, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory or offensive comments, or personal attacks on other participants in the discussion. We will not publish posts of this kind, nor racist or xenophobic comments.

No advertising

Please avoid posting anything advertising yourself or others. Comments with links to websites advertising people, or third party products or services, will not be activated.

Protect others’ intellectual property

Please do not include in your comments any protected content of which you are not the legal owner. We will not publish material in which we detect an infringement of copyright.

We look forward to some lively debate!

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