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What does the cinema of the 21st century look like?

The Humboldt Forum has invited five experienced initiatives from Africa to discuss ideas together and to develop new, practice-oriented concepts and strategies for cinema as a venue. The joint vision and aspiration of the Cinema Spaces Network (CSN) is to link the social and political aspects of cinema – from the revitalisation of closed cinemas to the construction of new venues for cinematic screenings – with sustainable business models. The network focuses on site-specific, achievable and innovative approaches.

The goal of the Cinema Spaces Network is to build an intra-African network of the five participating initiatives, while supporting individual projects within the cultural exchange structures that currently exist between the Global South and the Global North. The participating initiatives will exchange ideas and experiences, and grant each other access to their network, to funding sources, residency programs, and other professional contacts such as film festivals, distribution, distributors and cultural institutions.

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