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Who is Alexander von Humboldt? Which of Humboldt’s ideas still inspire today? And how does Humboldt take place in the Humboldt Forum? Over the course of twelve months, the researcher, discoverer, thought leader and cosmopolitan Alexander von Humboldt stood at the centre of media attention. In 2019, on the occasion of the Humboldt Year, Alexander von Humboldt’s eventful life, comprehensive oeuvre and topicality were discussed and acknowledged in over 100 events in Berlin and Brandenburg alone, as well as numerous exhibitions, installations and performances worldwide. On the 250th anniversary of his birth the Humboldt Forum joined forces with the Goethe-Insitut to stage a two day festival on 13 and 14 September 2019. Numerous international artists, curators and experts presented exhibitions, installations, performances, lectures and music explored the ideas and findings of Humboldt as a naturalist surveyor of the world, which are now more relevant than ever before.

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