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What does ivory actually feel like? Can humans perceive the secret language of elephants? And what does the extinction of elephants and the hunting of ivory have to do with me? Answers to these and many other questions are provided by the diverse educational and outreach programme, which is aimed at visitors with varying interests and needs. 

The public and bookable tours in various languages set the theme of Elephant – Human – Ivory in an ethical, global and post-colonial context and provide access for all ages to the topic and its related issues. Public tours take place five times a week, we offer a multisensory tour focussing on the material itself, and groups can get an overview in our one-hour tours. Workshops are available for school groups to address the topic more intensively.

One of the programme’s main focus is on ivory as a material and its particular properties, with the multisensory tour. A workshop entitled Be Strong for the Elephants! focuses on the conflict between elephants and humans, as well as the question of how consumers can use their awareness and their consumption and travel habits to help defuse this conflict.

The exhibition layout has a guidance and orientation system designed for people with visual empairment. Integrated sensory stations enable visitors to experience the tactile nature of ivory by presenting selected objects to touch. Visitors will also have the opportunity to feel the differences in texture of the ears, back and tusks of different elephant species.


The Terrible Beauty educational programme begins on 1 September 2021. Booking is anticipated to open mid-August. Our services for groups can be booked in German or English; further languages can be booked on request.