An exhibition about sitting, taking a seat and making space for children and families

What to expect

When, where, why and how do we sit? How do we express conventions, status or gestures of welcome? And who actually takes which place in groups and societies? Have a seat! An exhibition for children offers our youngest visitors aged three to ten – and their accompanying adults – the space to explore, play and learn about sitting in different cultures.

Our first special exhibition sets a precedent: Children will be among the first people to be given space at the Humboldt Forum. This thematically structured exhibition with its historical originals, reconstructed objects, and hands-on areas, provides a space for reflecting on living together in different cultures. Our team of guides and educators will be happy to welcome and accompany you during your visit to the exhibition.

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Please note

  • Piktogramm 90 min time limit
    90 min time limit

    Due to the current safety measures, the exhibition visit is limited to a total of 90 min. In order to enable the timely start of the next time slot, we kindly ask all visitors to leave for the anteroom after 75 min, where they can put back on their shoes.