World sounds in Berlin

Listen up! 23 musicians from Berlin’s Resident Music Collective welcome you with music played on instruments from all corners of the world. Four sound installations placed in the four permanently open Portals will give a taste of the mix of musical traditions to be found at the Humboldt Forum. A simple walk through the Schlüter Courtyard or the Passage is transformed into a musical journey around the world.

The founders of Resident Music Collective describe their music as ‘trans-traditional music, weaving a variety of musical styles together to create a new musical tradition’. These Berlin musicians combine instruments from all over the world: the sheng – a Chinese wind instrument; the Persian kamancheh; the West African balafon; the Latin American cuatro; together with alphorn, cello and theremin. This musical dialogue of cultures creates something entirely new that still retains the sound of its heritage.

The sound installation Mixture by Ketan Bhatti and Clemens Rynkowski mixes the improvisations of the musicians in four ways: rhythm, harmony, melody and sound. These categories of Western music attempt to capture what is best experienced individually. Embark on your own journey to the portals and listen for yourself!T

The sound installations will run in a 5-minute loop daily from 10 am to 10 pm in Portals 1 and 2 on the south side, and in Portals 4 and 5 on the north side in the direction of the Lustgarten.

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Resident Music Collective