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Ashraf Sharif Khan & Victor Marek (Pakistan / Hamburg)

Beats, bass and sitar – ‘Sufi dub’ at its very finest.

Ashraf Sharif Khan and Viktor Marek are like twins from different continents, separated at birth. They were reunited by the great music satellite during one of its reunited by the great musical satellite during one of its few orbits to teach us humans an extra-planetary hip swing.

Their album ‘Sufi Dub Brothers’ is testimony to this meteoric coincidence and brings together the almost complete song material of this musical sensation. An elusive ‘Sufistep’ (Viktor Marek) between hip-hop, acid, electro and dub meets a masterful sitar performance (Ashraf Sharif Khan).

Ashraf Sharif Khan and Viktor Marek – ‘Cell Song’ – Live in London
Sharif Khan and Victor Marek
© Frank Egel Photography

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