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Sofia, Bulgaria – Halley’s Comet is passing over the sky when Daniel Stoyanov is born. Since then, his mystical pursuer, the “Slow Bullet”, keeps him moving. Driven by the wise admonition “If you don’t move, It’ll get you”, he now roams the country in his 91 E-class under the pseudonym ‘Bulgarian Cartrader’ in his uncle Ivan’s magical sheepskin coat, telling his stories – Welcome to the Bulgarian Cartrader universe!

Stoyanov wrote and produced his debut album, with which he is now touring, alone in complete isolation. This is how the richly detailed, eclectic “Motor Songs” was born, which out of nowhere delighted both critics and fans in the indie bubbles worldwide: the Musikexpress gave it 5 stars (“pop, very very clever pop”), at FM4 the single “LAB” landed at #1 and at radioeins “Golden Rope” made it into the annual top 10 of the 2022 listener charts. At the latest after the shows at the L.A. School Night (“hands down the best set we’ve ever had!”), at the ESNS in the Netherlands (“charming and personable rock-star”, EXBERLINER) and in Paris, BCT got around internationally.

From feel-good indie earworms with guaranteed soft mosh pits, pathetic singalong parts, finest jazz influences to spoken word introspections, the natural-born entertainer and his band are at the helm of a versatile test drive that invites you to dance, sing, dream and laugh.


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