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The Leipzig ensemble “Sesiones del Sur” is a transcultural collective consisting of nine young musicians from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Panamá and Germany. Sesiones del Sur was founded in 2018 under the direction of Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vivas in Leipzig. Part of it from the beginning were numerous Leipzig jazz musicians as well as international guest musicians, mainly from West Africa. Since then, the ensemble has focused on bringing together musical traditions from Latin America, especially Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and their African diaspora. Their musical research centers on the centuries-old, two-way exchange of rhythms and motifs across the Atlantic Ocean. “Sesiones del Sur” is more than an ensemble, it is a poetic cultural practice that enters the ear and the body: profound, complex, moving, with mystical serenity and individual language, here tradition and the present enter into each other.

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