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From 1976, the Palace of the Republic was the place where the GDR dared to combine entertainment and politics under one roof. On one side was the Great Hall and the Theater im Palast (TiP) with many concerts, revues, readings and theater and on the other side the plenary hall of the Volkskammer, the GDR parliament.

This Palace Bar also dares the balancing act from entertainment to the consideration of political aspects. In the Pecha Kucha format, scientists talk about their findings on the program at the Palast in 6 minutes 40 to 20 pictures.

DJ Wolf Weber, the last record entertainer in the Palace of the Republic before its closure in September 1990, will kick off the evening with music.

In the second part of the evening, Uschi Brüning, jazz icon of the GDR, plays intimate jazz ballads and impulsive gospel and soul numbers accompanied by her pianist Christian von der Goltz. The grande dame of German jazz has performed many times at the Palace of the Republic and still tours today.

Uschi Brüning

Since the seventies, Uschi Brüning has been regarded as the leading jazz singer in East Germany and made her breakthrough in 1972 with the song “Dein Name”. To this day, her range of activities extends from literary chansons to blues, gospel, swing standards and improvisation in modern jazz – an extraordinary vocal, musical and verbal performance in a class of its own that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

She has toured the world’s stages with international projects and her own bands. These projects include the European Jazz Ensemble, Georgie Fame and Manfred Krug. From Schlager to free jazz, she masters an enormously broad spectrum. She began her musical career as a guitarist in amateur bands. During her training as a civil servant, she switched to professional music in 1970. A tour with Manfred Krug and the Klaus Lenz Big Band in 1971 brought her to the attention of a wider audience for the first time. She founded her own band in 1975. Over the years, she has worked with Eberhard Weise, Günther Fischer, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky and many other composers and artists. A large number of recordings were made.


Christian von der Goltz

Christian von der Goltz is an established name on the German jazz scene as a jazz pianist, captivating audiences with his sensitive accompaniment as well as his consistently distinctive sense of swing. He has released three CDs of his own compositions with his trio, one with his sextet “cvdg projekt”, for which he also composes. He can also be heard on many publications and has performed on stage or in the studio with countless well-known names such as Till Brönner, Günter Fischer, Luten Petrowski, Ruth Homann, Katharina Thalbach, Atrin Madani, Lisa Bassenge and many more.

He has been playing with Uschi Brüning for several years in a duo program that ranges from intimate jazz ballads to impulsive gospel and soul numbers

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