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WENDECIRCUS. The Palace-Edition!
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Circus and theater, the nomadic and the urban, trivial and high culture, the physical and the spiritual were linked for a long time. With his theatrical decree of 1807, Napoleon Bonaparte himself directed the division of theater into different genres and significantly shaped their social perception. Circus was excluded from this classification and banned as a political art form. Had vagabondry, fortune-telling, the animalistic – in short, the circus – become too dangerous?

The theater groups glanz&krawall and KGI were able to locate a family traveling circus from a centuries-old tradition: Circus Magic from Zossen. The circus and theater people from WENDECIRCUS shared their everyday life for a while, they mucked out and fed the animals and sat together at barbecues, Circus acts for the German reunification came out of their time together. The interplay of circus, theater, theory and transformation creates an extraordinary examination of a chapter of German history.

Now they are setting up the ring in the Schlüterhof of the Humboldt Forum. In five full-length shows, the negotiation processes of the transition period 89/90 will be reflected artistically and spaces for long-forgotten souls and buried utopias will be opened up. Based on interviews with contemporary witnesses, WENDECIRCUS. Die Palast-Edition! stages an unheard and unheard view of the Wende as a revue. Eleven artists, opera singers, dancers, actors, jazz, pop and punk musicians, unofficial employees and a hallelujah will remind us in the midst of stone, pomp and asphalt that in front of the palace there used to be a palace and in front of the palace a palace and in front of the palace a meadow and on this meadow a circus. Since this space has been occupied by a static building, it has watched as the world around it fortifies itself and draws its boundaries. On five dates in May 2022, the WENDECIRCUS “starts a wall-blasting demolition enterprise in the belly of the beast.”

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WENDECIRCUS. Berlin steht Kopf!
WENDECIRCUS. Berlin steht Kopf!
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Circus Magic
Glanz & Krawall

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