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VINYAGO combines exhibition, dance, music and video art to create a room-filling installation. At the centre are East African masks from the Ethnologisches Museum – objects that were originally used in a spiritual, performative context and are now kept and exhibited in a clinically clean museum environment.

Thirteen artists from Tanzania deal with this shift in meaning, questioning the location with its contradictory architecture and history and reflecting on the colonial heritage. Researchers are examined, viewers are observed and the museum is exposed as a place forced to grapple with its violence-ridden past.

Visitors can see the installation during regular hours; admission is free. On thirteen evenings a live performance will take place in the exhibition galleries, and on the 4th, 7th to 12th and 14th to 18th December the installation will come alive during the day as well: short performances will provide a glimpse of the evening performances. So please come by anytime!

Every evening after the live performance there will be an audience discussion with the artists in English. Feel free to ask your questions!