Past events
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Construction is complete. The first exhibitions and events are ready to go. We are now able to offer you a unique first glimpse into the Humboldt Forum – online, livestreamed, and initially in digital format only.

Be among the first to explore the physical Forum as it expands into the digital space, through a diverse range of voices and contributions. We cordially invite you, together with communities from Berlin and around the world, to come and explore this new venue for culture and science in a novel way. This digital preview is an artistic format in its own right, creating an interactive, lively forum of many different voices and a wide range of events. Four distinct narrative threads and unique perspectives will help you navigate throughout – come experience a different outlook on the Forum!

What’s On? – Livestream

The main event of the Digital Preview will be a livestream, coming to you directly from the halls of the Humboldt Forum. Moderator Mitri Sirin will take you on a tour behind the still-closed gates – with interviews and greetings from Minister of State Monika Grütters, General Director Hartmut Dorgerloh, archaeologist George Abungu, author Andrea Wulf, as well as from artist Tim Trantenroth. Contemporary witnesses, curators and historians will provide glimpses into the exhibitions BERLIN GLOBAL, After Nature, Insights. The Humboldt Brothers, the collections of the Ethnologisches Museum and the Museum für Asiatische Kunst, as well as the History of the Site. A live connection to the Cosmograph will also turn the Foyer into an interactive space for dialogue. Musical accompaniment to the digital opening will be provided by the Resident Music Collective.

Two additional channels

Parallel to the livestream, an additional video channel and a virtual tour will allow you individualized access to the building, its history and the core themes of the Humboldt Forum.

Locked In and Out

Having recently accepted German citizenship, writer and activist Priya Basil explores the Humboldt Forum from a deeply personal perspective through a short-form film essay. She delves into the question of what such a building, such a project, means for an understanding of the past and for belonging in the present. This much disputed, contested, celebrated monument now exists – but what exactly does it monumentalize?

360° – Open to all

Various 360° video formats create a unique spatial experience and convey a first impression of the Humboldt Forum – all the way from the Schlüterhof to the roof with a view over Berlin. They will tell stories of the site and show what this new venue for culture and science is all about. Curators will discuss the architecture and establish a relationship between the Humboldt brothers and the building. Video recordings of a drone flight through the Stair Hall will connect the core themes of the Humboldt Forum together and the modular structure allows for an immersive experience in all directions.