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Objects and works of art are witnesses to history and society. Sometimes they tell stories of love, cohesion and the future. Often, however, they are  an expression of violence, abuse and robbery.

The 10 stories of objects told in the temporary exhibition “Loot” can only serve as examples of the thousands of stories surrounding the objects in the Humboldt Forum. On this Day of Debate, we will continue these stories: experts and academics will provide insights into provenance research, share knowledge and point out possible solutions for how the stories of the objects can be further shaped in the future.

In the morning you can listen to both artistic and scientific contributions to the exhibition, while in the afternoon you can ask your own questions. Move to a different table every half hour and meet provenance researchers, experts and decision-makers.


11.00 a.m.: Spoken Word / Onias Landveld

11.30 a.m.: Talk/ Onias Landveld, Eline Jongsma, Kel O’Neill

12.00 noon: Talk/ Onias Landveld, Andrea Scholz

12.30 p.m.: Impulse Talk / Regina Stein

1.00 p.m.: Lunch Break

2.00 p.m.: Round Tables

  • Table 1:
    Regina Stein, Stadtmuseum, provenance researcher
    Lars-Christian Koch, Director of the Ethnologisches Museum/Museum für Asiatische Kunst
  • Table 2:
    Malte Mierheim, Stadtmuseum, provenance researcher
    Andrea Scholz, Ethnologisches Museum/Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Curator for collaborative projects
    Julia von Sigsfeld, Ethnologisches Museum/Museum für Asiatische Kunst, restitution coordinator
  • Table 3:
    Anna Szöke, Ethnologisches Museum/Museum für Asiatische Kunst, scientific coordinator für das Collaborative Museum
    Hartmut Dorgerloh, SHF, General Director of the Humboldt Forum

4.00 p.m.: Closing discussion in the Mechanical Arena

Moderation: Jan Linders, SHF

The event is free of charge. Registration is not required.

The temporary exhibition “Loot. 10 Stories” can be visited from 22 March on the 3rd floor in room 312.


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