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Germany and Chile are interconnected by the transnational history of Colonia Dignidad (“colony dignity”). In this sect settlement, founded by German expatriates in southern Chile, forced labour, sexual violence and torture were committed on a daily routine between 1961 and 2005. These crimes remain an unsolved issue in Chile as well as in Germany until today.

With guests from Chile and Germany, the Project “Colonia Dignidad – A Chilean-German Oral History Archive” presents its new bilingual online archive. The archive features biographical video interviews with contemporary witnesses and makes them accessible to research, education and the general public within a protected space.

The Project is funded by the Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) due to a resolution by the German parliament. It was realised by the History department at the Institute for Latin American Studies and the section “Digitale Interview-Sammlungen” of the University Library at Freie Universität Berlin.


You can follow the event live from 5pm (CET) / 1pm in Chile at the following link:

Puede seguir el lanzamiento a partir de las 17 hrs (Berlín) / 13 hrs (Chile) bajo el siguiente link:


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