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The ‘One Object, Many Questions’ discussion series takes a close look at a selected object from one of the exhibitions. Each discussion, with the involvement of an expert, will open up fascinating aspects of the item that may not be covered in detail, or indeed at all, in the exhibition itself.

Discussions may focus on the method of manufacture, symbolic meaning, previous owners, the object’s history, the lore held within the object or its particular appeal. Each discussion will take place in the exhibition concerned, and will give space for your questions and observations.


With SORRYFORNOTHING, Philip Kojo Metz considers the void in the public commemoration of the colonial wars and their victims. The artist calls for a critical approach to Germany’s colonial past and an analysis of this in official remembrance culture. In BERLIN GLOBAL, he gives an artistic performance and holds this up for discussion in the event.

Questions from many different angles focused on a specific object from BERLIN GLOBAL. Be it provenance, restoration, location in time and space, tie to Berlin and the world plus a great variety of subjects – there are no limits when it comes to interconnections. The invited professional expert will introduce surprising perspectives with his background knowledge and expertise. He will be able to supply far more information than there is ordinarily room for in an exhibition. The complexity and possibly also contradictoriness of the object and its research are addressed as well. The object will be ‘brought to life’ and unlocked for the public even if they have no prior knowledge.

The tour will take place on site with participants. At the same time, it will be broadcast free of charge as a livestream on YouTube and via Zoom (German, English translation, German and English subtitles).

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Practical info

  • Contact tracing

    The Humboldt Forum uses the Corona Warn app to document attendance. We strongly recommend that all visitors use the opportunity to register via the QR code.

  • Still together against Corona

    As a precaution, we are continuing some efficient and proven measures at the Humboldt Forum in order to be able to guarantee basic protection for all visitors and staff. We regularly check the current infection situation and will adapt our in-house measures accordingly.

  • Recommendation to wear a mask

    Visitors aged 6 and over are recommended to wear an FFP2 or medical face mask in all interior rooms of the Humboldt Forum. Unless otherwise stated, this also applies to guided tours and events. For your own safety and the safety of your children, we recommend that all age groups take a rapid antigen test before visiting the Humboldt Forum.