Past events
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The construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 and the division of Berlin is the occasion that can be used in the coming months to speak about drawing borders. Various voices will be given a platform during the digital event series “BERLIN GLOBAL Border Experiences” and will emphasise the effects and consequences of borders at different levels.

The question of crossing and conquering borders is a recurring topic. The Polish Solidarność movement forms the focus of the second part of the series. It was central for developments in the 1980s. Without it, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 would have been unimaginable. Half of the Polish union members at Solidarność were women. And, despite this, their struggles are still overwhelmingly told by men.
Building on today’s feminist struggles, we want to create connections to the present to make the relevance of this activism visible. The focus hereby is on forms of protests and remembering activities in Berlin and Poland.

The event will take place on YouTube in Polish. You can also follow the event  in three languages (German, English, DGS).

Moderation: Dr. Iwona Dadej
In cooperation with Dziewuchy Berlin