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“Paradise Bangkok” is originally the legendary party format of record collectors Chris Menist and Maft Sai, who brought outlandish vinyl rarities from Thailand and Laos to the dance floors of Europe. Together they made the “Molam”, a music style originating from the north of Thailand, internationally known and combined this sound with record finds from the Caribbean and Africa.

For AIRING OUT they present two DJ sets (before and after the live show of the Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band), which encompasses the complete range of their recently founded label “Paradise Bangkok”.

Classic Paradise Bangkok DJ Mix on Soundcloud

Chris Menist’s Paradise Bangkok Monthly show on NTS Radio

VF Live: Zudrangma Records #7 with Maft Sai – YouTube
DJ Chris Menist & Maft Sai
© Maft Sai

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Further stage programme 03.08.2023

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