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How did Berliners live 150 years ago? Did children have their own rooms? Did they have pets? What did they play with?

In BERLIN GLOBAL’s cosy lounge, Berlin-based radio presenter and actress Mareike Hein will read from the book In einem alten Haus in Berlin (“In an Old House in Berlin”, Gerstenberg Verlag, 2023).

Children are invited to get comfortable on a large cushion in the reading corner and listen to stories about domestic life in Berlin from 1871 to 2021.

Books are also available for young children to look at and browse through.

In einem alten Haus in Berlin was created in collaboration with the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Many of the objects illustrated in the book come from the museum’s collection.





Mareike Hein is an actress and radio presenter. She was born in Nordhausen and raised in Halle an der Saale. Since completing her acting studies in Bochum in 2011, she has performed at the Bonn Theatre, the Basel Theatre and the Literature Forum at the Brecht House in Berlin, among others. Since 2022, Hein has been a guest actress in productions of “The Little Witch” and “Beauty and the Beast” at the Hans Otto Theatre in Potsdam. She has also worked regularly as a voice-over artist for German-language radio productions since 2010, in particular with WDR and Deutschlandfunk.


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