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He built the large weaver cartographer in the WELTSTUDIO at BERLIN GLOBAL: Loom expert Andreas Möller. Today he is taking the carpet, which is over five metres long, off the loom. Numerous visitors have woven their connections with Berlin and the world into it. Since the opening of the WELTSTUDIO, numerous carpets have been created. They are all on display today.

All visitors are invited to try their hand at weaving on the small TMB 50 looms designed by Andreas Möller.

The hand weaver will also be giving tips on weaving for beginners and professionals and answering questions about his looms and the ergonomic weaving shuttle developed for them.

Andreas Möller is a multiple award-winning hand weaver from Hamburg and the inventor of the Flying8 loom. He is revolutionising hand weaving in the WEBEREI HAMBURG workshop gallery ( In 2019, Möller produced the giant Flying8 loom for the WELTSTUDIO.

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