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Sudhir Mishra / Indien 2023 / 122 min. / FSK 16 / Hindi with English subtitles

In this fast-paced political thriller, a top advertising executive gets caught up in a spectacular family dispute that escalates into a conflagration via social media. On his lecture tour through India, Rahab Ahmed actually only wanted to visit his hometown briefly when he meets Nivi, a young woman who runs for her life and takes refuge in Rahab’s car. He is a Muslim, she the fiancée of a Hindu politician whose greed for power and unscrupulousness she could no longer tolerate. To cover up the scandal of the renegade fiancée, the social media team of the politician’s family invents an “abduction version” of Nivi’s disappearance. The media outrage over a supposedly violent Muslim is the spark that escalates fermenting social conflicts… “Rumours” spans the big screen between Bollywood tradition and a maddening present.

A cash bar and international snacks create an outdoor summer atmosphere in the Schlüterhof.

Talk about the film with Sudhir Mishra (director) and Dorothee Wenner (curator Box Office Around The World) in English language.


Sudhir Mishra

Widely regarded as the most youthful film-maker working in Mumbai, Sudhir Mishra is also one of the most articulate, forceful and fearless voices of Indian cinema today.

Sudhir Mishra began his career in the mid 80s as a co-screenwriter, when he penned a biting and subversive satire Jane Bhi Do Yaaro (Let it Go, friends) which rose to become perhaps the most admired comedy of the Indian film history.

As a director, Mishra started his career with Ye Wo Manzil Toh Nahi (This is Not our Destination,1986), a sharp political statement on the corruption and thuggery prevalent in India of the day. But as a talented craftsman behind the camera, he announced his arrival on the big stage with a film called Dharavi (1992), which featured two internationally-renowned actors – Shabana Azmi and Om Puri. Powered by a moving story about migrants living in Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, and redefining for us the world of alienation and homelessness, Dharavi was a sought-after entry to international film festivals. It won the “Ville De Nantes” Prize’ at the Festival of Three Continents, Nantes, France.

Post-Dharavi, Sudhir Mishra made a trend-setting modern thriller Is Raat Ki Suba Nahin (1996) and, from this film on, his method has consistently questioned the invincibility of the classical hero who can do no wrong and, simultaneously, introduced bold and free-spirited female characters who have stood out in the stifling male-dominated world of the Mumbai cinema. His film Hazaaron Khwashein was a film in this vein and was hailed by the renowned French director Alain Corneau as “masterly”.

Sudhir Mishra’s recent Netflix film Serious Men (2022) took a sharp look at the cast dynamics of the Indian society, in the guise of a father-son story. The film’s lead, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, was nominated for a National Emmy. His latest film Afwaah (Rumour, 2023) has been lavishly reviewed in the press for its storytelling and cinematic craft, and praised for its fearlessness in taking on the current political situation in India.

Sudhir Mishra is a keen student of world cinema and an admirer of a broad spectrum of cinéastes, from Kurosawa and Ray to Tarantino and Martin Scorcese.


Afwaah – Trailer
Filmstill aus dem Spielfilm "Afwaah" von Sudhir Mishra, Indien 2023
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