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Director: Regie Adisorn Tresirikasem with  Tanawat WattanaputiRanee CampenParis Intarakomalyasut et al.

Thailand 2022, Romance/comedy ‧ 2 h 46 min., Thai, English subtitles

A fast-paced journey through time from present-day Bangkok to the year 1844: the sequel to the cult TV series in cinema format tells how the love affair of Bhop and the rebellious Gaysorn had to be reinvented between the surrender to fate and the turmoil of war in a time when European merchants and militaries step into the independent kingdom. In the process, the cinematic past mirrors the present in such a sophisticated and complex way that perhaps the secret of the film’s enormous audience success can be located here?


Love Destiny – The Movie

BOX OFFICE AROUND THE WORLD is a new film series showing current, popular cinema hits from all over the world – an invitation into the Humboldt Forum. The Berlin audience from all over the world is invited to encounter the communities of the countries of film origin. The supporting programme developed in collaboration with the communities deals with cult, culture and culinary aspects around cinema.