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Together with trained cultural mediators, blind, visually impaired and sighted people can get to know the exhibition acoustically and haptically. The focus of this guided tour is on detailed explanations and descriptions of the themed rooms and installations. Participants are allowed to get close to selected objects, which are illuminated even more if necessary. Some objects, such as a telecommunications speaker, the huge steel door of the former techno club Tresor or a figure of the Red Sailor made of metal, are revealed by touch. Further stories are made tangible through additional replicas, tactile material and audio samples, for which sufficient time is planned. Blind, visually impaired and sighted people exchange information about what they have touched or seen and thus enrich each other.



Organisatorische Hinweise

  • Treffpunkt & Uhrzeit

    Den Treffpunkt für Führungen und den Ort für Workshops finden Sie auf Ihrer Buchungsbestätigung. Damit die Führung pünktlich beginnen kann, bitten wir Sie, 15 Minuten vor Programmbeginn im Humboldt Forum einzutreffen. Berücksichtigen Sie bitte unbedingt diese zusätzliche Viertelstunde bei Ihrer Planung. Vielen Dank!

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