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The Critical Young Friends (CYF), the youth committee of the Jugend Museum in Schöneberg, will guide visitors through the BERLIN GLOBAL exhibition.

The young people tell visitors what Berlin and the world mean to them. They also talk about struggles for justice.

They have chosen important topics: the Transsexuals Act (TSG), the different lifestyles of Berliners in their neighbourhoods, workers’ rights in fashion factories and (in)visible traces of colonialism in the city and society.

To fight for justice, they need other people and fun in their lives, preferably through dance.

The tour is held in German.

The Critical Young Friends

The Critical Young Friends have a special place at the Jugend Museum in Schöneberg. There’s always something going on here: we plan exhibitions and organise workshops inside and outside the museum. We are always looking for new projects and topics that we want to work on next. As part of the Critical Young Friends, you can join us and help develop programmes, design spaces and initiate new projects at the Jugend Museum.

Are you 12 years old or older? Are you interested in becoming a CYF?

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