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How should we look back on historical revolutions from today’s perspective? To commemorate the 175th anniversary of the March Revolution of 1848, writer Ewa Maria Slaska and artist and activist Anna Krenz will look at revolutions from a Polish and feminist perspective at BERLIN GLOBAL. They will revisit the correspondence between German writer Bettina von Arnim and Polish author Julia Woykowska and discuss the role that the Polish trade union Solidarność played in the peaceful revolution of 1989. Slaska and Krenz also talk about places of remembrance in Berlin, such as the Memorial to Polish Soldiers and German Anti-Fascists and the Cemetery of the March Fallen. With the story of the Prussian Queen Louise and her sister Frederike, they draw connections to sisterhood and women’s power in today’s world.

About the format 

The tandem guided tour involves two people. An educator and a Berlin expert guide you through selected exhibition areas. The invited expert determines the subject matter. The experts will bring their own varied professional and personal backgrounds into the conversation and they may be a midwife, artist, small-scale female entrepreneur, biologist, historian, archaeologist, psychologist, female fire fighter or restorer. People who work as volunteers or who have provided curatorial support in the exhibition will also be invited. This makes every tandem guided tour individual and unique.