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What are vibes? What determines or changes a mood or atmosphere? What vibes are there in the Humboldt Forum? And above all: which ones are missing? Some people say of museums that they are boring and not particularly inviting places. What does a young audience want to see and experience in a museum?

And what happens when young people create their own art installation? For this part of the project, the pupils of the Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium have taken on a special challenge: they observe what feelings different spaces in the Humboldt Forum trigger in them and thus investigate their vibes. In collaboration with director Mirah Laline, set designer Sarah Seini and sound designer Fabiano Lima aka K’Boko, the students create four interactive installations that invite the audience to a shared experience of the missing vibes.

Sun, ice cream and deck chairs create summer vibes on the roof terrace of the Humboldt Forum. In the Mechanical Arena in the foyer, the students go in search of a spiritual vibe and investigate the meaning of ritual practices from different religions, which are thematised in the Humboldt Forum through objects. What is art allowed to do? What boundaries are there and should there be between exhibits and audience? In the Werkraum, a creative vibe is created together with the audience to blur these boundaries.

In the final part of the installation in Room 2, everyone is invited to experience the diversity of living vibes: what does it mean to feel alive in a museum?

After a joint welcome in the foyer, all visitors are invited to look at the individual stations one after the other in three groups – and where they want – to actively participate.


The Exhibition of Missing Vibes is part of Humboldting!, a long-term project of the Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss at the intersection of education and art. Artistic direction: Alice Fleming und Darren O’Donnell.


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