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“We’re staying! Gentrification and resistance in Berlin” is the name of the new Open Space exhibition in BERLIN GLOBAL. The opening will feature a discussion between interview partners from the project and the public.

About the exhibition:

Rising prices, empty buildings and displaced residents – while gentrification is not unique to Berlin, it is occurring here with particular speed and devastating impact. Berliners are resisting the loss of affordable housing and urban space with demonstrations, grassroots organising and solidarity, fighting their displacement to the literal fringes of urban society. But despite their best efforts, the onslaught of advancing commercial interests continues.

On an Open Space of BERLIN GLOBAL, artists Barbara Bernardi, Linda Paganelli and Vincent Voignier explore the phenomenon of gentrification. Through interviews and an immersive photo and video collage, they show the impact of gentrification on residents, the cultural landscape and urban space. By chronicling diverse strategies of resistance, they encourage visitors to get involved.


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