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According to prehispanic beliefs, every human being undertakes an arduous journey after death, which in the end leads him to Mictlán – a place of peace. On the journey, the human is accompanied by a dog that supports him and helps him overcome nine stations where the elements of nature challenge the human, but also human weaknesses and misbehaviour are put to the test. The performance works with prehistoric objects and body language.

Actress: Tanja Watoro
Director and idea: Mario Vázquez
Music: Carlos Sandoval
Painting: César Nuñez Guerra / Photo: Jeanette Betancourt Díaz
Video: Irene Rojas Erlenbach
Make-up and costume: Michelle Parilla, Anastasia Boukli

Painting by César Nuñez Guerra
© Foto: Jeanette Betancourt Díaz


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