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Come and listen to a reading of the picture books ‘Pudel mit Pommes’ by Pija Lindenbaum, ‘Alles Schweine oder was?!’ by Alice Brière-Haquet and Pénélope Paicheler, and ‘Alle sehen eine Katze’ by Brendan Wenzel and Thomas Bodmer. 

Stories of flight, tolerance and multiple perspectives, set in a variety of animal kingdoms. In Pudel mit Pommes, climate refugees search for a new home, and are met both with friendship and with resentment and jealousy. In the land of the pigs lives a family of sheep. Initially, the neighbours are fierce enemies, but then they discover what they have in common, and a deep friendship develops. Spotted, blurry, black and white, or brightly coloured: to look at, cats can be any of these. It all depends who is doing the looking.

Exciting stories for children aged 3 to 6, but older visitors will find them entertaining too.

Practical info

  • Contact tracing

    The Humboldt Forum uses the Corona Warn app to document attendance. We strongly recommend that all visitors use the opportunity to register via the QR code.

  • Recommendation to wear a mask

    Visitors aged 6 and over are recommended to wear an FFP2 or medical face mask in all interior rooms of the Humboldt Forum. Unless otherwise stated, this also applies to guided tours and events. For your own safety and the safety of your children, we recommend that all age groups take a rapid antigen test before visiting the Humboldt Forum.

  • Still together against Corona

    As a precaution, we are continuing some efficient and proven measures at the Humboldt Forum in order to be able to guarantee basic protection for all visitors and staff. We regularly check the current infection situation and will adapt our in-house measures accordingly.