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What are scientists researching in the depths of the North Sea off Heligoland? How do underwater observatories work? What are the dangers of exploring under the sea surface? And how are our oceans changing?

On December 9, the scientific diver Philipp Fischer will be connected live from Heligoland to the Humboldt Lab.

Look for the “Call a Scientist” cabin in the exhibition room and pick up the phone to enter into an exciting dialog with the research diver.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Fischer, scientific director of the Diving Centre since 2006 and fish ecologist at the Biological Institute of the Alfred Wegener Institute on Helgoland, gives us an insight into scientific diving at the highest international level. His role includes not only the coordination of his own projects and the training of divers, but also the increased promotion and further development of the methodology of research diving.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Fischer is a marine biologist at the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), one of the leading research institutes in the field of polar and marine research, and holds a professorship at the Constructor University Bremen. He heads the AWI’s Center for Scientific Diving on Helgoland, is chairman of the German Commission for Scientific Diving, the German professional association for professional scientific work under water, and represents Germany on the European Panel for Scientific Diving. In his role as a scientist and head of the AWI’s Center for Scientific Diving on Helgoland, he makes a significant contribution to expanding our understanding of the oceans.



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