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The Palace of the Republic is everywhere. In the closet, in the kitchen, in the basement or on Tempelhofer Feld. The building no longer exists, but the interior is scattered all over Berlin, Germany and the world.

Memorabilia – be it beer glasses, photos or tickets – are put in the spotlight on this day and the personal stories behind them are revealed!

We want to collect these stories and objects at the Humboldt Forum between June 12-14. In the Palace Consulate for Memories & Objects in the foyer, you will meet employees of the “History of the Place” foundation department and HU students, who will document your souvenirs and stories.

On June 15, you will become the narrator of your story(s). A gong will sound every hour to herald a new round of object memories for the audience in the foyer. Come to the stage of the Mechanical Arena with your object and tell your story.

Everyone else is welcome to listen, perhaps even remember and learn something new. Prejudices can be uncovered, clichés questioned and points of contact and similarities discovered. Come and join us!

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