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‘Textiles Semillas’ is a project taking place in different locations in the north of Argentina and has brought together around 300 weavers, artists, and activists. The collective will showcase a collaborative and still evolving textile installation during the 99 Questions Gathering at the Humboldt Forum in October 2024. Join us now for an intimate conversation with the curator Andrei Fernández, alongside moderator Michael Dieminger.

During the conversation, we will delve into the project’s essence through a nomadic installation and gatherings, which culminated in the formation of the ‘Unión de las Tejedoras, Artistas y Activistas del Norte de Argentina.’ We will discuss the role of gatherings, the meditative and resistive facets of weaving, and how textiles embody a bridge between binaries such as the domestic and public, art and folklore. Andrei Fernández will also talk about the work of Claudia Alarcón and the Silät collective at this year’s Venice Biennale.


more information about the artist:

Claudia Alarcón, a textile artist of the Wichí people, lives in the province of Salta in Argentina, and is the coordinator of the Siläcollective, which brings together a hundred Indigenous women from different generations who defend weaving as work, memory and imagination. Through her artistic production from textile work, using ancient techniques of her people, she communicates the knowledge and ancestral wisdom of her people and questions the right to create as an Indigenous woman in a country that has systematically denied the presence of the pre-existing peoples to the nation state. Silät participates in the project ‘Textiles Semillas’ and is part of the Union of weavers that allows Wichí weavers to link with other collectives and strengthen the defense of their work.


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