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Germany is facing major challenges in this year’s elections. The European elections and three state elections are coming up. Anti-Semitism, racism and anti-democratic sentiment are on the rise and, according to polls, the AfD could make further gains in the elections.

Forum Demokratie offers a space to discuss: What are the underlying causes of this development in the East or the West? The Vice President of the German Bundestag Petra Pau and bandleader and pianist Andrej Hermlin will discuss these questions in a town hall meeting. The two are contemporary witnesses to the transformation of the German states and are actively involved in shaping this process.

The Humboldt Forum symbolises the eventful history of this country like almost no other place: Palace – Palace of the Republic – Humboldt Forum. It is therefore a special place for democratic dialogue at eye level.

The aim is to learn from history together with the public in order to break new ground and actively strengthen democracy.


An association of citizens that creates active formats, networks and places for dialogue on democratic values. Its members are united by the goal of strengthening the active living of democratic values and the engagement of as many citizens as possible in civil society with democratic participation. This is at a time when democratic societies around the world – including in Germany – are in danger. They are facing major challenges that require a democratic dialogue and a place for it. The Humboldt Forum can be this place.


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