The Berlin Exhibition

Berlin in connection with the world

Located on the first floor above ground of the Humboldt Forum, the exhibition will present Berlin as part of a world that is interconnected in many different ways. It will show how the city, its people and the events it launched have changed the world. And conversely, how global events – both past and present – have affected Berlin. On 4,000 square metres of space, the exhibition is a unique contemporary take on the city and its global interrelationships.

The many sides of Berlin

The exhibition’s seven main rooms tell of Revolution, Free Space, Boundaries, Entertainment, War, Fashion and Interconnection. These aspects also feature in other metropolises, but in this combination they reflect the essence of the city. Rich in variety and full of surprises, the immersive installations and atmospheric presentations invite visitors into these realms and the underlying diversity of Berlin.

Connect with the Berlin Exhibition

Numerous participatory and media-based elements in each of the theme-based rooms invite visitors to join in. Wristbands available at the entrance offer an interactive tour with electronic links to the exhibits. At the end visitors receive a summary of their very own experience, and can engage in discussion with others about the exhibition’s themes and their own personal connections with the world.

The WORLD STUDIO offers various ways to spark creativity and engage in joint action with others. What looks like a fantastic marble run is one of three unusual “cartographers”.
© Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, photo: Alexander Schippel

WORLD STUDIO – Explore and join in!

The WORLD STUDIO is part of the Berlin Exhibition. It is a place for workshops and opportunities, for impromptu action and joint projects in the city at large. On a space of 500 square metres, visitors can share their views of Berlin in the world and the world in Berlin, and launch or join projects. The WORLD STUDIO features three “cartographers” – specially designed large-scale installations that give visitors new and creative ways to make and experience maps.

The team

The Berlin Exhibition is a coproduction of Kulturprojekte Berlin and the Stadtmuseum Berlin.


Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin (SSB)
Kulturprojekte Berlin (KPB)
Senate Department for Culture and Europe

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