Colonialism and Coloniality

How does the Humboldt Forum deal with colonial collections?

There is much discussion around the Humboldt Forum. One of the central discussions is around the objects in the ethnological collections which will be shown to the public in the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin exhibition areas in the Humboldt Forum in the coming year. Where are they from? How, and under which circumstances, have they come to be in these collections in Berlin? Should they still be here? The Humboldt Forum will be working intensively to address these questions in the coming year.

Colonialism and Coloniality is a core theme in our programme. Engaging with postcolonial voices and perspectives is central, as is developing a methodological practice for a sustained and transparent process of reflection on the persistence of colonial practices. On this page you will find the Humboldt Forum’s stance on colonialism and coloniality, what is meant by these terms, which projects have already been initiated, as well as an overview of the first series of events on this topic.


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