A space for the arts and vibrant controversy

Discussions, performances, concerts, family programs, festivals: a variety of events will take place in the Humboldt Forum’s four halls from morning to night.

The film concert "Setan Jawa – The Javanese Devil" brought together a Javanese gamelan ensemble and a European orchestra in 2018 and has impressively demonstrated that the Humboldt Forum will be a venue for sounds, too.

Encounter and new perspectives

The Humboldt Forum’s daily events address topical issues, prompt inspiring encounters and open the way for animated exchange.  They provide some very unexpected approaches to the collections and temporary exhibitions as well as the history of the site itself.

For the 250th birthday of Alexander von Humboldt, a two-day festival took place at the Humboldt Forum with contributions from three continents.
On the Way to the Humboldt Forum

Ahead of it’s opening, the Humboldt Forum hosted a diverse program of events throughout Berlin, with subject ranging from the Humboldt brothers, over climate change through post-colonialism.