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What does the photograph of a safari trip in a travel catalogue have to do with the colonial era? During the colonial period, photography was an important instrument of control. For example, Black people were often depicted naked and in a derogatory manner, and white people in dominating poses. Landscapes were often shown without people and rich in resources for propaganda purposes. Patterns of colonial photography characterise image, film, media, and thus our worldviews to this day. In the workshop we would like to question our own view of photography and grapple with the issue of historical-colonial photography, using the example of the colonial era in erstwhile German-East Africa (today, parts of Tanzania).

By means of collage techniques, the participants work with historical-colonial and also contemporary photographs, thematise their (propaganda-) impact and draw connections to their own living environment.  Zines (folded magazines) are created, which find a place in the exhibition!

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